Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower aspiring village entrepreneurs in rural areas with innovative, scalable business ideas by providing them with a rigorous, Social Entrepreneurship Education, Vocational skills and apprenticeship training, world-class consulting and mentoring services and access to seed capital. Through these means, we strive to create ethical business leaders, sustainable employment and an improved quality of life for many rural households in Africa

Our Vision

Village Ventures International amplifies the impact of rural based social entrepreneurs in fighting poverty through acquisition of business education, vocational training and investment in leadership development. By accelerating personal growth, the benefits and impact of their work is greatly increased and causes a ripple effect at the very bottom of the pyramid where many vulnerable households, women, youth and people with disabilities are locked.

The perception that the bottom of the pyramid is not a source of human capital nor a viable market for majority of the big companies fails to take into account the growing importance of the informal economy among the poorest of the poor, which by some estimates accounts for 40 to 60 percent of all economic activity in developing countries. Most Tier 4 people live in rural villages, or urban slums and shantytowns, and they usually do not hold legal title or deed to their assets (e.g., dwellings, farms, businesses). They have little or no formal education and are hard to reach via conventional distribution, credit, and communications. The quality and quantity of products and services available in Tier 4 is generally low. Therefore, much like an iceberg with only its tip in plain view, this massive segment of the global population — along with its massive market opportunities — has remained largely invisible to the corporate sector. 

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