Idea Village

              “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

–Victor Hugo

Village Ventures International is home for innovative ideas that can stir rural development. Our Idea Village is created as a knowledge hub to conceptualize, design innovative ideas and develop them ready for trial.

Newinnovative solutions are appearing today to the steadily growing socio-economic problems facing rural areas for instance; Increased population, rural exodus, desertification, crisis of the “classic” farming model, etc.). These solutions go against common prejudice, which dictates that for a poor rural society lagging behind in infrastructural and socio economic development the urban designed and tried solutions are always the button if pressed will do the magic. On the contrary, most of these “urban” solutions fail with a big bang.

There is need to reveal and support  innovative rural actors exploring new paths of development, paths that could even play a part in resolving such problems as unemployment, social exclusion, pollution, the loss of social ties, etc. which affect the whole of society both in the rural and urban environment.

These new solutions are not the result of chance: rural areas are discovering new opportunities that practically did not exist only one generation ago and which reflect the changes that society as a whole is today undergoing. Consumers are there fore increasingly seeking good quality products and services and new social links that the rural environment is able to offer. New needs are also appearing which do not strictly follow market logic, such as needs associated with preserving the quality of rural areas and natural resources

But in what way are these solutions new? How do they fundamentally differ from those already tested? Who are the social innovators with ideas for rural development?

Our Idea Village aims to answer these questions by creating a directory of pro-rural development social innovation ideas and their creators. We intend to invest in idea stage of social innovations most especially those created by women, youth and people with disabilities.